CO221: Project 3A

Our Visual Communications class are creating opening movie titles with Final Cut Pro for our final project. I decided to choose Spirited Away (2001), which is #29 on the IMDb Top 250 movie list


I grew up watching Studio Ghibli animation films as a child. I decided to choose between Spirited Away and Ponyo (both of them being my all-time favorites of many), which I thought I could fully use my creativity for. I chose Spirited Away because I visualized my opening movie title as simple and alluring.

For my proposal (word count: 200), I would like to do these things:

  • Use original footage of the beginning from the animated film: Chihiro’s car ride and then the arrival to the tunnel (goes up to 4:30 in the film)
  • Add in text and the transitions of these scenes so there will be enough time and space for the credits!
  • I wanted to use the film and compare it to real-life. I think it will be difficult to do since I need to research places that are similar to the tunnel. I would need an actress, a good day (with actual spring-like weather), and good equipment (a camera that records video). It will just be for a few scenes, such as the ones below that I can use for my opening movie scene and not use the animated film.
  1. (possibly of the girl sitting the back seat, bored)
  2. the tunnel that leads to the abandoned arcade
  3. sitting in a empty, abandoned train

The girl standing at a bridge (I was thinking about the blue bridge at the park in Arlington!) and trailing her fingers on it or following behind her as she walks and there’s a good view of the water and she looks at the clear and blue skies.


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