CO221: Week 10-11

For Week 10-11, our Visual Communications class were required to answer a few forum questions for Sharing 2: Opening Movie Title.

The first thing that I thought of (as an opening movie title) is the Harry Potter series. Majority of my childhood consisted of everything Harry Potter. The first few books were a gift by my grade school teacher. One of my first films I watched in the movie theater is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The opening movie titles are classic and universal (familiar, consistent font, etc).


Here is the video:

Although, if Harry Potter is taken (since I think it will be popular), here are my other two choices:

Spirited Away (one of my all-time favorite movies! The animation is very laid-back, it almost reminds me of a dream, especially when you see the Bathhouse/spirit night life later in the film)

I could not find a video of the opening movie title. I found a few images that I remember was part of the beginning/opening movie title:







Ponyo (I loved this movie and I remember being so mesmerized the second time I watched it with my niece when she was 4-5 years old! Everything about this movie is so aesthetically pleasing and very calming to look at.)

I also could not find the opening movie title – but I found a few images I remember were a part of the opening title.


I actually wanted to do something cute, short, and creative – something that involves cheerios or toys. Although, I am not sure how it will flow…



So, here you go! Hopefully I can create a good storyboard. I can’t wait to play around with Final Cut Pro, since it’ll be my first time using it.



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