CO221: Week 9 (Project 2B: the cover)

For the second half of Week 9, our Visual Communication class were required to finish up photoshopping the book cover we chose to re-create. (Find the previous blog entry here:

Honestly, I had some difficulty with Photoshop CS5. I wish we had more time to play around with the features and find out little tips and tricks of it. There is so much I wanted to change but I did not know how to change it through Photoshop (Google wasn’t a helpful tool to use either).

Here are the original book covers – Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.



I was aiming for something similar and symbolic like this book cover:


I liked these original book covers because they are very simple but also very attractive. I also love, love, love how the first two covers can be interchangeable (you can basically take the cover off – if it’s a hardcover).

At the end of Wednesday’s (March 16) class, I created a first draft (with help from my professor and a friend):


Here is my final draft of the book cover:


I am a bit satisfied with the book cover I created. There are a lot of things I wanted to change about my book cover. I made decisions quickly without actually thinking about the placement and how they would effect the viewer’s eyes. Halfway trying to change things up, I started to regret placing the design in the center of the book cover. I should have placed it on the front cover, under the title.

In my first draft, I was only thinking about the spine and how it would appear on the shelf. I wanted it to be unique without distracting the viewer. I did not want to start over again, so I ended up sticking with this book cover as my final draft. If I had another opportunity to re-create it, I definitely would have placed the design under the title! I am upset that I did not think it over. I am also upset that I couldn’t place the barcode above the price ($9.99) that I added. I tried hard to find the layer it was in (I cropped the barcode from its original image and dragged it from my laptop to the Photoshop app).

I had to move around the text (the title and the author) so it can be more balanced. I also remembered the classwork we did with playing around with the text format (I believe that we were creating a birthday invitation) on Photoshop. I chose Krungthep Regular for the font, since the novel is science fiction/romance. I chose this font because I because it displays the themes clearly without being too over the top.

It was easier to create a new book cover in my head. I am an artist and I like to create things by hand rather than using other tools to help me get it accomplished – if that makes any sense. I would have love to designed it with my hands rather than using Photoshop (or at least use Photoshop to enhance and edit).

Overall, the book cover that I re-created achieved a lot of things that I had in mind, such as:

  • minimalism
  • simple and clean design
  • clear design that is aesthetically pleasing and does not overwhelm the viewer

I am proud of this design despite the few flaws it has!





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