CO221: Week 9

For Project 2A: Book Selection, our Visual Communication class is required to find a book cover to re-create.

I had a very difficult time finding a book cover to recreate. I did not have a book in mind, rather, I had a lot of films that I wanted to recreate instead.

I settled down with “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. I am currently watching the on-air Japanese drama under the same name.


There are, of course, a lot of book covers that I have seen for this novel. I have not read the novel yet. I do plan to, though! The novel is about humans whose purpose of life is to harvest organs in their body to donate in the future. The novel also evolves around three characters — Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth — who have a complicated relationship. Since there are a lot of book covers that fit the plot so well (it’s a bit disturbing), I decided to go with this cover:


It fondly reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. You can take the cover off and it reveals the person’s face fully. I love that idea, since it’s really creative!


When I think about recreating this book cover, I imagine two hands holding. I believe that the focus of the story is between Kathy and Tommy, since they develop a romantic relationship at the end. I want a minimalistic (but very appealing and eye-catching) design for the reader. A bit like this:


I believe that the image above really depicts the title – “never let me go”. I can add the typography at the top of this image and probably change the color as well, maybe to a ombre (like dripping red and white?). It reminds me of this cover:


I will definitely think of more ways to re-create “Never Let Me Go“.


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