Week 6: reading 5

Formatting images are important because you want to attract the receiver’s eyes, like making it look pleasurable to look at. This is also known as “attracting and orienting” (A&O). There are a lot of subjects to take in when formatting an image: symmetry, asymmetry, contrasts, lights, shadows, space, and so much more! There’s a lot of effort and thought being put into these things. Formatting text is also very similar to images — except, I believe that the image is more like the foundation/ground for the text. The text is like the blanket and adds more structure to the overall image.

The text and images are different from the web, television, and to an ad because:

Web: can be replicated, digitally enhanced

Television: has support from audio and often has a narrative, credits

Ad: location, headings, flexibility (such as size)

Within all of these formats, a logo is used by: being recognizable, unique (also refers to it being timeless), be adjustable (referring to it being able to be used in large and small spaces).

Here are a few examples:

Print ad


Online ad

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.04.21 PM

television ad


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